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Here at Prospect Used Auto Parts we help U-Pull-It customers find the exact parts they need at a price that is right for them. In this post we are going to talk about the benefits of getting parts from an auto salvage yard vs. buying new.

The price is right

It goes without saying that one of the main benefits of buying used auto parts is the money you save. This is the number one reason why people choose to shop at auto salvage yards instead of buying pricey new parts.

To better illustrate this point, let’s take a look at one hypothetical scenario. Let’s say you are fixing up a Black ’95 Honda Civic DX. This car needs a new radiator, windshield wipers, distributor cap, and air condenser. The new-part costs would break down like this:

Total = $226.95 (before taxes)

What started as a simple repair is now going to cost you nearly $250 in parts alone. At most auto salvage yards, you would be able to get those same parts for between $120 and $180. This can save you up to 50% or more on the parts you need.

Same day “delivery”

Another benefit of using salvage yards as an alternate to buying new is the turnaround from purchase to possession. By this I mean the time intervening between you paying for the part and actually getting to take it home. You pay and then simply walk out the door with your U-Pull-It parts.

Let’s take a look at our Honda Civic example again. Let’s say you find the windshield wipers, distributor cap, and air condenser at the local auto-parts store, but they don’t have the radiator you need in stock. They find the right one for your Honda in their database and then order it online. You wait for 2-5 days and then go in to pick up your part. If you were to go to a salvage yard, you could have simply found the parts you needed, pulled them out (or had someone else pull them out), paid, and gotten back to your project that same day. No waiting.

Environmentally friendly

Purchasing used parts helps to reduce the amount of new parts that need to be manufactured. This of course means that less waste is produced, and less energy is consumed in the creation of these parts. Some yards will also offer you a discount if you bring in your damaged parts and cores to recycle.

Not all salvage yards are created equal

Salvage yards’ prices differ from yard to yard. There is no precise methodology used to determine how much each used part should cost, so individual part prices will vary depending on the yard you choose. One way to save a little extra money is to find one that requires you to remove the parts yourself (this is often referred to as U-Pull-It). These usually have the best prices by far.

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