How to Test and Maintain Your Car Tires in Winter

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Maintaining car tires in winter

Winter’s here! Aside from holidays, gifts and family gatherings, winter also brings snow, ice and frigid temperatures. That’s a lot of wear and tear on your tires. Let’s look at a few ways to make sure your tires are ready for winter. Switch to Winter Tires With the increasing popularity of all-season tires, many drivers forgo… Read more »

How to Prepare Your Car or Truck for the Summer Heat

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You can not only make riding in your car or truck more enjoyable with these tips to beat the summer heat, but save some money in the process.

With summer in full swing you may already be overdue when it comes to preparations for the heat, but it’s not too late to give your car or truck a good once over. If you’re having trouble with your air conditioning or the amount of sunlight penetrating your car interior, you have a lot to… Read more »

How to Find the Auto Parts You Need in a Junkyard

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Finding the right auto parts you need in the local junkyard can be difficult. Here are some tips to find exactly what you're looking for.

It’s true that many drivers couldn’t find the latch to pop the hood on their car, much less the dipstick, a spark plug, or the brake master cylinder, without a map to guide them. Like much of the technology we take for granted in our everyday lives, most rely on trained professionals to deal with automotive… Read more »

5 Benefits of Buying Used Auto Parts

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Whether you work in an auto shop, you like to tinker with your own car, you are going to need parts. Why spend money on new when you can buy used auto parts for cheap?

Whether you work in an auto shop, you like to tinker with your own car, or you’re just a regular driver in need of repairs, you might find yourself trying to decide if you should invest in brand new replacement parts or purchase used parts instead. You might think that parts right out of the… Read more »