With research and armed with the knowledge on how to best scrap your old car, you could turn your junker into an asset and make some real cash.

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Having a junk car sitting on your lot is like having a bundle of money wasting away on your lawn. You actually have the opportunity to grow your piggy bank by selling your old junker. There are various places you can get cash for cars in New Oxford, and they don’t even have to be in running condition. While these vehicles may be worthless to you, they can be a cash crop for a junk yard in New Oxford when broken down for parts and resold. If you want to get your money’s worth for a car that broke down on you, your best bet is to sell it to a salvage yard in New Oxford. But how can you do so without getting ripped off?

There are a few things you need to know before you begin the process of scrapping a car.

It’s All About the Weight

Don’t get caught up in the features and accessories your vehicle has because that means nothing when you’re scrapping your car for cash. The quote you receive for your junk vehicle all comes down to how much it weighs. The main component that scrap yards are interested in is the metal itself.

So put away your Kelley Blue Book because that won’t account for much in these scenarios. It doesn’t matter if your car has a nice stereo system or even back seat DVD players. In fact, you’re better off selling those parts separately yourself, which will help increase how much money you can squeeze out of your old car. So definitely consider selling the parts of your car that aren’t metal to maximize profits.

Sell All of the Parts Yourself

As we already mentioned, selling the parts yourself can be financially rewarding, but these returns can go much further than just tires, rims and radios. You can remove everything from the vehicle, including the seats, engine, transmission and so on. If you are entrepreneurial and know how to use a wrench, you can become your very own scrap yard, selling off all the components people may need to fix a car of the same model. You’ll need to research how much all of these parts go for to ensure you are paid fairly.

Choosing to Save Time or Money

There are pros and cons to selling to a junk yard in New Oxford. Some of them don’t offer much cash, making the deal less profitable on your end. But collecting any money, even if it is less then what you can get by selling parts on your own, may be the best option if you don’t have the time to devote to scrapping and selling the parts yourself. Selling to a scrap yard is quicker and easier, which is why most people opt for this route. These junk yards will come and pick up your vehicle free of charge, pay you in cash and handle all of the necessary paperwork, so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

Year, Make and Model Matter

You may think metal and parts are just that – metal and parts. But to a salvage yard in New Oxford, the year, make and model of the junk car is definitely important. There are some models of vehicles that don’t change much year to year. For instance the 6th Generation Buick Century that was manufactured for nine years and had very few changes each year.

If this is the case with the vehicle you’re scrapping, then there will be a lot of these parts available at junk yards, which devalues your car. The key here is to contact multiple scrap yards to see which of them find more value in your vehicle and are willing to pay you more.

Junk Value vs. Used Value

There’s a difference between the junk value of a car and its used value. If your car is still running, you will more than likely get more for it selling it to an individual on the market as a drivable car. It’s not the same for a junk yard, which is only interested in the scraps. So it doesn’t matter if your car is in good condition, you won’t receive the same price for it from a junk yard as you would on the used car market. Scrappers are in the business of selling and recycling parts, not buying and reselling vehicles. You may also find that you get more for your junk car from a scrap yard than you would in the used car market.

Hopefully, you find this information valuable along your search for a salvage yard in New Oxford.