You can not only make riding in your car or truck more enjoyable with these tips to beat the summer heat, but save some money in the process.

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With summer in full swing you may already be overdue when it comes to preparations for the heat, but it’s not too late to give your car or truck a good once over. If you’re having trouble with your air conditioning or the amount of sunlight penetrating your car interior, you have a lot to gain by taking steps to reduce heat. You may be looking for businesses that offer cash for cars in New Oxford so that you can upgrade to something new.  If not, here are a few ways to prepare your car or truck to beat the summer heat.

Get a Tune-Up

The last thing you want is for your car to break down on a hot summer day, leaving you waiting for a tow truck or hoofing it to the nearest gas station for help. The best way to avoid this is to get regular engine service.  If you haven’t had a tune-up and fluid change in a while, now is probably a good time to do so. Unless your car is bound for the salvage yard in New Oxford, regular maintenance is a must.

Refill Refrigerant

While you’re getting a tune-up, make sure to ask your mechanic to check the refrigerant level in your AC compressor, whether it seems to be working fine or the stream of cold air is weaker than usual. Over time, refrigerant becomes depleted, especially if you live in a region that enjoys long, hot summer months and you happen to drive quite a bit.

Check Weather Stripping

Even if your AC is up to snuff and your engine is in ship shape, you’re not out of the woods when it comes to maintaining a cool interior temperature during the summer months. You also need to make sure your weather stripping is in good shape.

The strips, which run around windows and doors, help to keep the hot air outside and the bought air in, keeping you cool. When weather stripping begins to deteriorate or peel away, the seal can be broken, allowing ingress for outside air and reducing your ability to control the temperature inside your car.

Add Window Tinting

When the sun’s rays come in through the windows of your car, they can definitely cause the interior to heat up, not to mention result in sunburn. A good option to reduce the heat coming in is to add window tinting. If this is too expensive, consider peel-and-stick energy film that you can easily remove at the end of summer.